April 12th, 2024

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Bravery Bead Bowls - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Bravery Bead Bowl?
A Bravery Bead Bowl is a woodturned bowl with a lid used to contain Bravery Beads.
Who makes Bravery Bead Bowl?
Bravery Bead Bowl are made by members of the following woodturning guilds.
Can anyone make a Bravery Bead Bowl?
What are the general guidelines for making Bravery Bead Bowl?
There are some very general guidelines in regards to the construction of Bravery Bead Bowl.
  • robust construction
  • stable base to prevent tipping
  • no sharp edges or fragile components
  • easy to open lid for little kids
  • no paint
  • at least 5” interior diameter and 4” interior height
What is the difference between a Bravery Bead Bowls and a Beads of Courage Bowls?
Nothing. Beads of Courage Bowls is a similar program to Bravery Bead Bowls.
How can I get more information about Bravery Bead Bowls?
You can Email GBWG with any questions about the Bravery Bead Bowls initiative.