January 23rd, 2021

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The Grey-Bruce Woodturners Guild (GBWG) has a long history of comraderie amongst the wood turners of Grey and Bruce Counties in the province of Ontario in Canada. The Grey-Bruce Woodturners Guild was established to provide an open, informative, and relaxed atmosphere where any person with an interest in woodturning would be able to develop their skills, increase their knowledge, and enjoy the company of others with similar interests.

Visit our Members' Gallery for exhibits by David Bell, Marilyn Campbell, Adam Cottrill, Carl Durance, Bob Dyck, Alex Ewing, Ray Fenton, Dirk Hoogendoorn, Chuck Lamrock, Dieter Oettgen, David Smith, Brian Vaughan, and more coming soon...

Urn by Chuck LamrockCandy Dish #2 by David BellCherry Bowl by David SmithKaleidoscope by Carl DuranceCurly Maple Box by Adam CottrillRosewood Box with Cherry Burl by Brian VaughanPrimal Dream by Marilyn CampbellCherry Bowl by Alex EwingPepper Mill by Dirk HoogendoornApple Bowl by Dieter OettgenDizzy Bowl by Ray FentonLeaf epoxy inlay platter by Bob Dyck
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ReferencesLinear-Stave Birdhouse Ornament Schematic (GBWG)
Linear-Stave Vessel Schematic (GBWG)
Linear-Stave Birdhouse Ornament Linear-Stave Cutting Jig Schematic (GBWG)
Linear-Stave Vessel Linear-Stave Cutting Jig Schematic (GBWG)
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Tuesday, February 9th GBWG/SWG Joint Virtual Meeting